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Orlando Kids’ Directory® is a hyper-local publication connecting parents to events and businesses in their local area. This not only benefits the parents and local community but also the businesses advertising in Orlando Kids’ Directory. With our targeted approach to local parents, we are able to get great results for the businesses targeting the parents in their local market.

We now package our advertising to include the Print & Virtual Editions and offer solutions for any budget! We are the perfect method for your business to market your products and/or services.

Let our directory bring in new customers month after month! Frequency is the key to your success!

Why advertise in Orlando Kids Directory?

  • Our directories are always FREE.
  • FREE World Wide Web! Yes, your ad will appear on our digital issue on our website, just as it appears in the Directory, at no additional cost to you.
  • Montly publication, gives you the frequency and repetition needed for successful results. Frequency is the key to your success!
  • Target, we have a very specific target group: PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS AND PARENTS-TO-BE
  • All ads are in FULL COLOR, providing a great look to promote your business. You’ll never pay extra for full color in our book. Color Sells!
  • Portable Size, the convenient size of Orlando Kids’ Directory fits perfectly into a purse allowing busy parents to easily access the resources they seek anytime and anyplace. It’s easy to read and easy to keep so your ad will always be working for you!
  • Quality counts! We strive to always deliver the highest quality printing and glossy paper available. You are important to us and we want to give you the best!
  • We offer a variety of ad sizes and rates to fit any budget.
  • Effective Distribution, our “pick it up” distribution system is the most effective method to reach new customers.
  • Targeted Distribution, our directories are strategically placed! We work very hard to distribute our directories to places where children and parents spend their time. This means that your message will be put in the hands of consumers who have a need for your products or services!
  • Active social media engagement with our followers boosts your visibility.
  • We Love What We Do! You’ll find that we are very hands-on because we believe in and love what we do. We put that same enthusiasm and dedication into helping each and every advertiser!
  • A Proven Track Record! Kids Directory have a great formula for success that we have refined spanning more than years. Just as we have helped thousands of businesses in over 50 cities, we will gladly serve you!

Invest In Your Business!!! Don’t miss out on Your Target Market!

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  1. Advertising is Essential to Survival and Growth
    People do not know about you until you get the word out!
  2. Your Ad
    With Orlando Kids Directory you can change your ad every month. Make sure your ad is attractive and bright. People remember bright, attractive and cute pictures, as well as catchy logos.
  3. Markets Change
    Your market is constantly growing and changing as people move in and out of communities, gain wealth, and increase their family size. When you stop advertising you miss new opportunities.
  4. People Forget Fast
    We are all buried under mass media, messages, paperwork, and emails. You have to keep your name in front of people or they will forget you.
  5. Continued Advertising Strengthens Your Identity
    Consistent advertising gets you REPEAT BUSINESS and REFERRALS.
  6. With so much competition out there, even happy customers stray
    Seeing your name and logo over and over again reminds people of the good experiences they have had with you. You want them to remember you when someone asks them, “Hey, do you know a good…”